About Us

¡Vamos! Nutrition offers CONSULTING, DEVELOPING, TRANSLATING, and COUNSELING services. We will ensure you are delivering culturally appropriate communications, products, and services to ensure you adequately reach your population. By doing so, we hope to maximize consumers' adherence to nutritional recommendations and create healthier lives.

Our team is passionate about cultures, food, health, and human behavior. Whether you are educating, marketing, or developing food products, ¡Vamos! Nutrition can help you adequately reach your target audience. 

About Our Founder

Featured here with the typical “onces” (afternoon snack) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Carolina is an avid traveler and adventurous foodie. A first-generation Hispanic, Carolina and her family moved to Miami, Florida from Bogota, Colombia when she was ten years old. At such a young age, Carolina realized the influence that acculturation had in her and her family’s nutritional habits.


After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology – due to her interest in human behavior – Carolina worked as a weight loss counselor for over four years, where she helped hundreds of patients combat their struggles with food. During this time, she became fascinated by cultural and individual approaches to eating and how these unique relationships often affected the health of people. Coming from a family of culinary connoisseurs – and having herself experienced the European and South American lifestyles by living abroad – she decided to pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as the perfect way to tie her passion for food, cultures, and health.


Carolina worked for the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, where she acquired valuable insight into Americans’ eating habits by completing nearly 600 dietary interviews nationwide. Carolina went on to completed her dietetic internship in the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and became the Nutrition Education Specialist for the District of Columbia’s education agency. During this time, Carolina continued to witness the many struggles faced around nutrition, and how many of these struggles were demographic specific. As a result, Carolina established ¡Vamos! Nutrition, LLC., a nutrition consulting company to assist with the development of culturally appropriate communications, products, and services to improve the health of minorities.